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Thinklabs ONE - Digital Stethoscope

Thinklab one stethoscope

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Thinklabs ONE - Digital Stethoscope

The Smallest, Most Powerful Stethoscope in the World - by Thinklabs

How Does it Charge?

Lithium Ion rechargeable battery. The One comes with a cable that plugs into the headphone jack (3.5mm) on the stethoscope side and USB plug on the other. A small USB-style charger is also included, similar to one you get with your cell phone. It has a voltage range of 100-240V for use internationally, using a US-style flat-pin plug.

How Long Does a Charge last?

We estimate about 100 - 125 patients, depending on how long you keep your stethoscope on for and the loudness. Our tests, running the One at quite a loud volume, indicated battery life exceeding 240 minutes. This will probably call for charging your One about once or maybe twice a week.

What Headphones Can I Use?

Most headphones have plugs that will fit directly into the One jack. If your headphones have a fat plug, we provide a small extender cable that allows you to connect even that size plug to the One.

It's all about the bass. Body sounds, especially heart sounds, comprise mostly low frequencies. (Think: Bass guitar). For over the ear headphones, or on the ear headphones, use models that have excellent bass. Noise cancelling headphones usually have their own built in amplifiers so you can get really good results with those. For in-ear earbud headphones, again its the bass that matters, and that requires that the earbuds seal into your ears which addresses two problems simeoultaneously. First, you need a great seal to get good bass (Did we mention you need good bass)? Second, sealed eartips block out external noise. A Thinklabs stethoscope with the right headphones would satisfy even the pickiest musical artist/producer.

Can I Use this Stethoscope with Hearing Aids

Thinklabs One electronic stethoscope addresses the specialized needs and unique challenges of hearing impaired medical professionals. Because One offers unparalled amplification, connectivity and adaptability, you can create a custom solution for auscultation that meets your individual needs.


  • Fits in the palm of your hand
  • Amplifies over 100X
  • Uses audio headphones


  • One Digital Stethoscope
  • Thinklabs studio quality in-ear headphones
  • Travel charger (100-240V)
  • Charger cable
  • Thinklink audio connection system
  • Pocket carrying case
  • Two year warranty

An overview of Thinklabs newest, most powerful stethoscope, The One Digital Stethoscope.

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